puzzelIFTER EQU supports many of the most popular security devices. It is a to-way process: IFTER EQU downloads both the state and events from the system, but it also steers them. Another essential feature is integration – you can connect your security systems and built comprehensive security of your object.

System integration

By integrating numerous systems, you can acquire a comprehensive protection of your parameter. IFTER EQU supports building management systems via TCP/IP, UDP protocols and uses RS232 and RS485 interfaces as well. Thanks to this solution, you can connect security systems and implement them in the most efficient way. For example, fire in a room will activate CCTV cameras, so that operator can see the place where this danger occurred. System integration is essential, not only for security purposes, but also for economic management. By interconnecting different mechanisms you can increase savings (for example with appropriate light or heating control).

Multiple interfaces

Thanks to multiple interfaces supported by IFTER EQU, operator is no longer limited by a distance between a workstation and device. In case of RS232 port, maximum distance is 15 meters. RS485 connection allows to increase that number to 1000 meters. After converting your connection to TCP/IP, you will acquire access from anywhere in the network. This way you have the possibility to create local monitoring centers (LMC) or manage multiple object from the main monitoring center. With the use of computer network, you can secure your data with encryption or safe connection – VPN.

Information transfer between systems

External management systems works commonly through open protocols like OPC, SNMP, MODBUS, etc. IFTER EQU goes beyond that and also supports communication protocols designed by producers. Thanks to wide integration capabilities, IFTER EQU can be used as a gateway for systems that does not have that option on their own. It allows to share functionality, such as presentation and system steering, via open protocols to external management systems.

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